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Our philosophy

Here at Raw Fairies, we wish to supply our customers with nothing but the freshest of the fresh. As London’s leading purest cleanse company, we only provide you with living plant- based botanical cuisines, hand crafted by our in-house chefs. Our team began the trend of raw food and juice cleansing in London, and we will not alter our authenticity for any reason. Your trust is in our hands.

Raw Fairies provides a selection of products extremely dense in nutrients and enzymes. We do not believe in altering or processing our foods for any reason. We choose to stick to the way we began, which is keeping our food as fresh as it can possibly be, which is why we deliver on a day-to-day basis. We are proud to be a luxury niche in London, solely providing you with earth-friendly artisanal foods. We use only the finest organic, vegan, and wild-harvested foods that we package and deliver in the most sustainable ways possible. We do not save on ingredients, and we refuse to supply you with flavored water; we apologize in advance if our smoothies are thick!

Our kitchen is labour intense. We do what is best for you, meaning we are very hands on with our preparations, filling our meals and juices with love and passion. Along with our juices, we provide a small selection of nut mylks, which we hand soak, blend, and squeeze.

We are here to help and provide answers to any questions that you may have. We are excited to supply you with as much information as you need! We would like to encourage those around us to increase the amount of natural plant-based ingredients into their day-to-day life style. We are aware that everyone has a different way of living and Raw Fairies is happy to accommodate those differences. There is a wide range of programmes from which to choose, happily structured for you health freaks who live and love greens, or for someone who would like a gentler transition into cleansing. Either path you choose, you will see remarkable benefits in your body, mind, and spirit!

We are here to inspire you to not only freshen up with our juicing plan, but also take on a lifestyle change where you will see tremendous outcomes as a healthier being. In this western culture, we are bombarded with food that is mass produced, chemically altered, heat-treated, etc. We are here to offer you the opposite.  You are invited to join us in our quest to spread the word of healthy eating! We look forward to working with You!