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This page contains brief answers to a few basic FAQs. If you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to email it to us at info@rawfairies.com. We love to hear from you!

What is Raw Fairies cuisine?

Raw Fairies is about making energising, revitalising, healthy food inviting, sophisticated, tasty and easy. We use fresh natural plant-based ingredients, primarily organic, to create inventive dishes.


Do I have to only eat Raw Fairies cuisine?

No, Raw Fairies regular deliveries provide a food delivery service. This is not a prescribed diet. It is an easy and practical way to get great tasting healthy food into your diet. If you have any questions or concerns we suggest that you speak to a nutritionist or ask us for a recommendation.


Can I specify foods that I don't like?

Each day we will send all clients who are receiving deliveries our ‘menu of the day’ (as displayed on the menu page of the website) plus any extras that you have ordered. It is not normally possible to omit specified ingredients. Please note that if you have a food allergy it is your responsiblity to check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients that we use. If you have dietary preferences we suggest that you check our menus in advance and order on days that suit you. However, if you have a request that you would like to discuss please contact us.


Is Raw Fairies cuisine suitable for nut allergy sufferers

Unfortunately this is a big NO. All Raw Fairies cuisine is made in a kitchen that contains nuts and it is not possible for us to prepare dishes free from nuts.


Can I order breakfast and lunch only?

No, our starting point is our menu of the day – containing the items that you see listed on the menu page of the website.


Is Raw Fairies cuisine suitable for children?

Raw Fairies provides colourful and tempting healthy savoury meals, desserts, juices and smoothies, all of which can be enjoyed by children. Many mothers have found that their children even love our bright green smoothies with spinach and kale! However, it is not a service designed for children to use on a regular basis. Our nutritional cleanse should not be done by anyone under 18. If you have any questions about your child’s dietary needs we suggest that you contact a nutritionist or ask us for a recommendation.


Who should NOT use Raw Fairies?

Raw Fairies’ services may not be suitable for everyone and it is your responsibility to decide whether it is right for you. We suggest that you should not use the service without specific medical supervision if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have diabetes, cancer or a serious illness.

Likewise if you are taking any prescription medication it is your responsibility to check with your doctor before starting to use our service.


Can I specify a delivery time?

If you have particular requirements regarding your time of delivery please contact us to discuss these. It is not normally possible for us to provide you with a precise delivery time and this will be determined to an extent by your delivery postcode.