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  • 'Raw Food Detox' by Anya Ladra  
    'Raw Food Detox' by Anya Ladra
    Our first cookery book 'Raw Food Detox' by our founder, Anya L... 'Raw Food Detox' by Anya Ladra
    £ 12.00
  • Green Smoothie  
    Green Smoothie
    With power-packed superfoods-spirulina and chlorella-this high protein d... Green Smoothie
    £ 4.00
  • Mango Heaven  
    Mango Heaven
    This sweet smoothie will fortify your body's natural defences with ... Mango Heaven
    £ 4.00
  • Chia Pudding  
    Chia Pudding
    Chia seeds alone are a nutritious powerhouse, rich in omega-3 fatty acid... Chia Pudding
    £ 4.50