Raw Fairies

Why raw?

There are many reasons to eat a diet high in raw foods and what follows is just a selection.

1. Get anti ageing enzymes

The most important aspect of eating living or raw foods is enzyme preservation. Enzymes help you digest food, and they act as catalysts for every metabolic reaction in your body... more

2. Get effortless weight loss

Dr John Douglass, a tireless experimenter with raw foods, said: “For many years I struggled with obesity and was frustrated in treating patients because nothing ever seemed to work – not biofeedback or hypnosis or diets or anything. Then I discovered the potential of uncooked foods... more

3. Get better flavour and texture

This is a way of eating that embraces healthful living, of course, but it is also a wonderfully exciting approach to food preparation that opens up fresh ways to celebrate flavour and texture... more

4. Get super-health rather than just meso-health

Experimenting with animals at the University of Rostock just before World War 1, Professor Werner Kollath discovered an extraordinary phenomenon: he called it 'meso-health'... more

5. Get over tiredness

Chronic fatigue, marked by irritability, lethargy and the feeling that almost everything is too much bother, has been called 'the plague of modern civilisation'... more

6. Get more nutrients

All fruits and vegetables contain both calcium and amino acids (the building blocks to protein) in just the ratio we need... more

7. Get more energy and endurance

One of the most important aspects of live foods is that they are live wires. The bioelectricity of live foods is not normally considered when we think about qualities of food and its effect...more

8. Get beautiful skin, hair and nails

Certain vitamins and minerals which are available in far greater quantities on a diet high in raw food than when living on a 'normal' diet are absolutely essential to maintaining shining strong hair and nails and protecting your skin from the ravages of early ageing... more

9. Get the rock star lifestyle

Bryan Adams, singer, high-raw vegan: “I became vegan for my health 20 years ago. I abide by the rule that if it looks like it's going to clog your system, it probably will... more

10. Get improved mental, emotional and spiritual health

Research studies have shown that eating a high-raw diet can lead to improvements in a number of aspects of health, notably mental, emotional and spiritual health... more

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