Raw Fairies

Our sumptuous desserts taste sinful, but because they are made with intensely satisfying pure botanical ingredients they linger on the lips without going to the hips!

Whole cakes are approximately 12 slices. Please note that whole cakes can be ordered for delivery Tuesday-Friday only (not Monday). All desserts can only be ordered with daily deliveries, not on their own.

  • Chocolate mousse cake
    Our most popular cake is a classic combination of flavours with a delicate cashew nut crust, avocado and cacao filling and goji berry garnish. Whole cake £40
  • Bitter cacao ganache tart
    If there were a rich list for food, this would be near the top! A melt-in-the-mouth, intense ganache made with a fine almond flour crust and bitter cacao and coconut butter filling. Whole cake £50
  • Chocolate brownies
    These gorgeously rich, squidgy brownies with chunks of bitter cacao are delicious as a dessert or as a treat for afternoon tea. 6 brownies £25
  • Raw chocolate bar
    Enjoy our rich, satisfying and mood enhancing pure chocolate at any time of the day. 40g bar £3
  • Chocolate macaroons
    Classic American-style macaroons made with coconut flakes and raw cacao. Perfect to enjoy at home or as an unusual tea time gift. 10 macaroons £10
  • Pecan pie
    A classic dessert, in which the uniquely delicious taste of pecans is perfectly balanced with banana and a date and almond crust. Whole pie £30
  • Berry cheesecake tartlets
    This dairy-free dessert combines healthy coconut butter with almonds and cashews. It contains only natural sugars. Two tartlets (share them, or have one for now, one for later!) £15
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