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Yogi Pack

£ 37.00

One of the most obvious ways to see major improvement in your yoga practice is to change the way you eat. Twisting and forward bending are so much easier when you feed your body correctly and you’re not weighed down by digesting heavy, processed food (to really see theses effects, try a cleanse, you won’t believe what you can do on the mat when you feel light). Move, nourish and believe to get your best body ever.
How to use: The entire Yogi pack can be consumed within a single day or over a period of two days. We suggest to have juices and/or shakes for your breakfast to start your day gentle. Have your ginger or turmeric shot first thing in the morning or between meals. Eat your lunch and dinner as usual. Drink plenty of water.

The package includes products for 1 day(s)

Products in package:

Day 1

1x Ginger Shot 100 ml
1x Turmeric Shot 100 ml (seasonal)
1x Green Elixir 500 ml
1x Mango Heaven 500 ml
1x Yogi Rooibos Chai 500 ml
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