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Immunity Pack

£ 30.00

Fighting the winter cold and flu that’s going around? Or you just simply want to “keep the germs at bay”.Your health is just one sip away! The perfect pack to call upon for the first signs of the sniffles.
How to use: The entire immunity package can be consumed within a single day. We suggest to have your ginger shot first (you can mix it with hot water or drink on its own), followed by Green Elixir Juice and Green Power Smoothie later on. Drink the rest of your juices in the afternoon. Eat your lunch and dinner as usual. Drink plenty of water.

The package includes products for 1 day(s)

Products in package:

Day 1

1x Ginger Shot 100 ml
1x Green Elixir 500 ml
1x Green Power 500 ml
2x Love Story Juice 250 ml
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