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Beauty Pack

£ 40.00

Oh, to be forever young! Who wouldn’t want the radiance of dewy and plump, healthy, glowing skin? We believe anyone can have gorgeous skin.What you choose to actually put inside your body is the closest thing we know to the ‘beauty in a bottle’ concept! We have created this pack to make your skin beautiful. Just add your smile!

How to use: The entire beauty package can be consumed within a single day or over a period of two days. We suggest to have juices and/or shakes for your breakfast to start your day gentle. Eat your lunch and dinner as usual. Drink plenty of water.

The package includes products for 1 day(s)

Products in package:

Day 1

1x Ginger Shot 100 ml
1x Antioxidant Shot 100 ml
1x Chia Pudding
1x Green Elixir 500 ml
1x Sunrise 500 ml
1x Matcha Shake 500 ml
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