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The Vogue Blog - Vogue, February 2011

"With only days left until the start of London Fashion Week, we have embarked on a raw food and juice detox from Raw Fairies, which promises to leave us with clear skin and bundles of energy: exactly what we need for a week of running around the shows."

The Beauty Blog - Vogue, July 2010

"If your body is crying out for a detox or your Ibiza trip is fast approaching I really recommend the 5 day Mini B Cleanse."
British Vogue

Beauty Ed's top skin treatment - ELLE, April 2010

"After a few days - and even three weeks after - my skin is better than it's been in years."
British ELLE

The Resident loves - The Resident, January 2010

"It's the most painless detox we've tried, and with the best results."
The Resident

Get the juice on the new A-list diet - Grazia, August 2009

"The Raw Fairies Cleanse: the five-day mini-cleanse is perfect for the week before a wedding or holiday."

Detox booster - British Vogue, June 2009

Vogue's Great Summer Style special featured a Spa Spotlight, which focused on four heavenly hideaways and identified the perfect feelgood fashion pack for the trip. What to take to the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa or England? A Raw Fairies detox booster!

Raw deal - British Vogue, October 2008

"I entrusted myself to the Raw Fairies 12-day Botanical Cleanse, an urban detox regime the quality and authenticity of which rivals any far-flung fasting programme - except that your raw meals, juices and supplements are delivered to a London doorstep instead of a seaside cabana." (Calgary Avansino, Executive Fashion Editor)

Best Delivery Diet - Harper's Bazaar, January 2009

"Those devoted to the raw-food movement (it is, admittedly, an acquired taste) will adore Raw Fairies. The nutrient-rich, organic and virtually all-vegan foods are energising and delicious, and everything is delivered in entirely biodegradable packaging. Top-up treats include intense raw chocolate macaroons, and Skin or Detox Booster drinks, all £6 each." (Sophie Gridley)

Fast track to healthy eating - Tatler, January 2009

"It's no secret that raw foods are better for you - you get more of the enzymes and vitamins that fizzle out when they are cooked. But nibbling on a carrot stick and chomping through celery can be so depressing, especially when you have the January blues. With this is mind, Raw Fairies delivers healthy, living foods prepared in a delicious, tempting way. The spaghetti is made from courgette ribbons and comes with a red pepper and walnut bolognese. The avocado almond burgers are served with a raisin ginger chutney. Breakfast smoothies contain chlorella (marine algae) to support your immune system and flush out your gut. And to keep the sweet tooth happy, there's even a cheesecake with antioxidant-rich blueberries and a base of cashew nuts." (Emma Smith, Deputy Beauty Editor)

Beauty News - Daily Telegraph, April 2009

"THE WEBSITE: rawfairies.com. The place to order the diet menu of the moment: gourmet raw food chef Anya Ladra devises the most delicious detoxifying recipes based on sprouting and soaking processes and delivers them – with extras like smoothies and vegetable juices – to you everyday. If you live in central London and want to lose weight, gain energy and mental clarity, hit this site and book a delivery (from £22.50) for tomorrow." (Kate Shapland)

Detox Diets - Easy Living, April 2009

"Some high profile celebrities are unabashedly hitting the bottle. No, not hitting the bottle as in they need to check in to a detox clinic - hitting the bottle as in it's their way of detoxing. They are juice fasting to cleanse their insides, which presumably presumably improves their outsides by helping them lose weight. The latest juice-cleanse delivery diets - such as those from Raw Fairies, and Blueprint Cleanse and Organic Avenue in America - with their potent blends of fresh vegetables, fruits and spices, promise renewed vitality and better health." (Rory Evans)

Beauty Ed's Pick - Grove Magazine, April 2009

"The 12-day Raw Fairies cleanse is my serious bi-annual detox, but regular doses of the potent energy booster gets me through the gym door." (Lydia Williams)

Road testing detox - The Resident, January 2009

"I was waiting for the horrible side-effects and pangs of hunger, but none kicked in. I just felt holier than thou." (Lydia Williams, Assistant Editor)

What's hot from the UK - Vogue Nippon, December 2008

Truth be told, we are not entirely sure what this piece says...... But the photographs are very cool!

The Delights of Botanical Patisserie

Christmas is a time for indulgence, but if you make conscious choices about what to eat you can be physically and emotionally satisfied without the discomfort of over indulging. With these recipes from botanical cuisine chef Anya Ladra, co-founder of Raw Fairies, you can have your cake and eat it too.

The Wedding Planner

TO DO NOW Begin beauty regime: Get glowing skin with the Raw Fairies twelve-day botanical detox cleanse.

Style Will Save Us - "In The Raw"

"Another hot tip is new organic delivery service Raw Fairies who are treating well-heeled Londoners to their tasty, wholesome raw food menus by delivering straight to their doors. We met up with the ex-lawyer owner Anya to sample their vegan burger and lemon and poppy seed cake which were both exceptional. (And as testament to what a raw food diet can do for your skin, hers was glowing with radiant health!)"

Dear Detox Diary - Grove, October 2008

"I wait for the horrible side-effects and pangs of hunger, but none kick in. I just feel holier than thou. "My jeans fall down this morning.... but the most rewarding result is a sense of clarity and vitality." (Lydia Williams, Health & Beauty Writer)
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