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Delivery info

Deliveries: We deliver daily from Monday to Friday. We do not deliver on the weekends. The exact delivery time will depend on your postcode and may not be the same every day. Deliveries are normally made between 7am and 9am. Special delivery instructions (such as a safe place where we can leave your delivery if you are out) can be provided in your profile when you create a Raw Fairies online account. Please contact us to discuss your delivery arrangements.

Quality: We provide you with living plant-based botanical cuisines, handcrafted with love by our in-house chefs. We do not pasteurize or treat our food and juices with HPP-high pressure processing to extend shelf-life. Our food is made freshly to order. We try to stay away from any processed foods, so we are not keen on using protein powders or anything factory-made. We use only the finest organic, vegan and wild-harvested foods. 

Flexibility: You do not have to take all of your deliveries in a row, except our structured cleanse programmes. You can stop daily deliveries for holidays or work engagements. You can order every day. Or you can order each Tuesday and Thursday. Or you can join many of our clients in doing “Raw Mondays” - the perfect healthy start to your week.

Ordering: Orders must be placed before 5pm two days prior to the chosen delivery date. For example, an order for Tuesday must be placed by 5pm on Sunday; for Wednesday by 5pm on Monday; for Thursday by 5pm on Tuesday; and for Friday by 5pm on Wednesday. Orders for Monday must be placed by 5pm the Friday before. Changes to your order and cancellations must be made within the same time frame.

Allergies and intolerances: Our food is free from meat, fish, dairy (of all types), wheat, processed sugar, gluten and potatoes. It does include nuts. If you have a specific food allergy or intolerance please contact us to discuss whether we can cater for you before making a booking. Our food is not suitable for people with nut allergy.

Nutrition advice: Please note that the menu of the day is not a prescribed diet. Everyone is different and your ideal nutritional intake will depend on your own physiology, lifestyle and dietary aims amongst other things.

Packaging: We do what is best for you and the environment.We use eco-friendly packaging and deliver in the most sustainable ways possible. Our PLA salad containers are made of starch and are totally compostable. We use the most expensive square PET1 juice bottle available in UK, which can be recycled. We are slowly introducing glass bottles and we are already using glass for our Mylky Way range. We belive that everything tastes much better from glass and only glass is toxin-free. Please let us know if you like our glass packaging.

Credit system: Please register on Raw Faires website to be able to use our credit system. This system entitles you to purchase your deliveries at a discounted price if you buy at least 3 daily deliveries. You can convert to credits at the basket or checkout level. Credit system applies to daily deliveries only and does not apply to shop items or cleanse programmes. Please see daily deliveries prices here.

On this map you can check our delivery range: