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Fall Warming Up Herbal Cleanse, 4 days

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Available on Tuesday, 6 December only.

Fall is a time of natural transition, perfect for a gentle detox to reset your body and mind and build up your immune system naturally. While it is so cold outside, we thought we should create something comforting to warm us up. Staying all day on cold juices, do not appeal to us! This 4-day programme consists of immunity-boosting ancient herbs such as reishi, astragalus, turmeric and ashwagandha, warming spices such as ginger and cinnamon to support your intestinal and respiratory health, antioxidant-rich beetroot as a juice ingredient. We have included a couple of warm meals: herbal morning potion, one solid food evening meal with greens and seasonal cooked plants +grain, comforting plant mylk with adaptogenic herbs. Cleanse and keep healthy through the cold season! Grab your blanket and stay warm inside! 


Sample Menu: 

  • Immunity Boosting Turmeric Ginger&Cinnamon Potion infused with Rosehip and Astragalus (to make a tea)
  • Raw GF Oats with Turmeric Coconut Crunch (can be served warm)
  • 500ml Detox Green Smoothie with Chlorella and Baobab (vit.C-rich)
  • 500ml Green Elixir Juice (fruit free)
  • 250ml Heart Beet Juice
  • Dinner:  Kale, Sweet Potato and Mushroom Stew with Buckwheat (to be served warm) + Green Salad & Kraut
  • Cacao Mylk with Reishi and Chaga (to be served warm)
  • you will get our Cleansing Herbal Tea with Rosehip and Rose Buds to sip in the afternoon

The package includes products for 1 day(s)

Products in package:

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