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Elixir Cleanse, 3 days

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Elixir Cleanse, 3 days
This amazing liquid therapy includes all the nutrients required for a powerful body cleanse. Supercharged with superfoods such as fresh turmeric, ginger, acai, chia seeds, spirulina, chlorella, goji berries,baobab powder, matcha and maca powder, plant proteins, fatty acids and living enzymes. All chosen to heal, cleanse, support your immunity and beautiful skin. This 72-hour organic health and beauty boost, restores your natural glow and sense of lightness as it gets you back on the track to a healthy lifestyle. If you have a short window of time for cleanse and want to experience the benefits of juicing and cleansing without a big commitment, this is a programme for you. Our juices are cold-pressed perfection. Made with organic ingredients and delivered  every morning to ensure premiere freshness and the highest nutrient density possible.
It is a cleanse as you have never done before with each day dedicated to different health benefits. 
Day 1 "Orange" to protect and nourish with anti-inflammatory properties of super star turmeric root and ginger, vitamin C and flavonoid-rich orange, goji berries and alkalising greens.
Day 2 "Green" to hydrate and balance with detoxifying chlorella and spirulina to remove toxins and heavy metals, hydrating coconut water, omega-3 and protein-rich chia seeds, soothing mint, balancing maca powder, antioxidant-rich matcha.
Day 3 "Purple" to rejuvenate and repair with cleansing beetroot and red grapefruit , oxygen-rich Green Elxir to get all the nutrients straight to your cells. Acai berry, pomegranate, baobab powder and cacao-all very powerful antoxidants will enhance your beauty from the inside out.
Flood your body with vital phytonutrients. Cleanse. Heal. Nourish.

The package includes products for 3 day(s)

Products in package:

Day 1

1x Turmeric Shot 100 ml (seasonal)
1x Ginger Shot 100 ml
1x Pineapple Mango Papaya Smoothie with Flax seed 500 ml
1x Green Elixir 500 ml
1x Sunrise 500 ml
1x T-Elixir 500ml
1x Goji Coco Mylk 500ml

Day 2

1x Ginger Shot 100 ml
1x Detox Shot 100 ml
1x Mint Lemonade 500 ml
1x Chia Coco Hydrator 250ml
1x Green Elixir 500 ml
1x Matcha Shake 500 ml
1x Skinny B* 500ml

Day 3

1x Pink Ginger Lemonade 500ml
1x Pink Almond Mylk with Acai 500ml
1x Heart Beet 500ml
1x Green Elixir 500 ml
1x Cocoa Acai Berry and Passion Fruit Smoothie with baobab powder 500 ml
1x Antioxidant Shot 100 ml
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