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Bespoke delivery, 1/2 day

£ 100.00

Bespoke Delivery, 1/2 day            £100 | single person and £15 for each additional person

You will get one nourishing meal with potent side salad + portion of fermented veggies + potent plant elixir with ancient herbs and adoptogens + cold-pressed green juice +5% discount on all RF products for the week of delivery
We are offering 15%off if you subscribe to 4 deliveries a month. Regular clients will get VIP discount on all RF products plus special gifts. 
Invest in your health and beauty! Book it now and we will contact you to discuss the programme. Don't forget to order the flowers too!
Bespoke programs will be delivered on Thursdays only. Please book a week in advance (cut off time is by 5pm  on previous Friday) as we might not accept bookings placed 2-3 days before delivery. 

The package includes products for 1 day(s)

Products in package:

Day 1

1x menu to be discussed with client
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