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Bespoke Food Therapies by Anya
Garden to Plate
Anya, Raw Fairies' founder is stepping in once a week to plan and prepare bespoke plant-based programmes around what is local, organic, mineral rich and in season.  She will create the best personal program based on her experience working with well-known LA and NY-based clients. She will combine nourishment and healing by incorporating herbs and adoptogens from around the globe. Anya will show you how to eat for vibrant energy,glowing skin and your best body yet.
Unlike 3-5 day juice cleanses, our bespoke programme is not meant to be a quick fix, but instead a delicious detox and a way to slowly, but surely 'digest' a new way of eating and thinking. Think nutrients over calories, abundance over deprevation. Eating healthy diet of vibrant greens, whole foods, hydrating vegetables and fruits, good fats and nutrient-dense superfoods help you to create the body you want and body you can listen to. We would love to create a lasting healthy lifestyle that will serve you forever.
Food is medicine and  the best beauty routine. You can trust us, eating the hydrating, healthful diets of organic fruits and veggies is what really gives you the clear skin and youthful glow. Before you book yourself in for another facial or botox, please make sure that you try this program before. This is the biggest investement you can make in preventive health. 
This handcrafted meal delivery service  is customised to nurture your unique constitiution and to provide thriving energy. These meals will also address nutritional imbalances while supporting individual healing goals.
This programme will combine raw foods with gently cooked plant-based meals. Most of the vegetables will be sourced personally by Anya at our befriended organic biodynamic farm just outside London and other ingredients will come from our regular organic supplier. All meals will be gluten-free and dairy-free unless you request an addition of organic eggs or raw unpasteurised goats' cheese. 

We would love to make this experience truly beautiful. All meals will be delivered in ethical hand-woven basket, compostable and glass containers. For additional £20 you will be able to get a stunning fresh flowers worth £30 from Scarlet & Violet, our most-loved florist in Kensal Rise. 

We would love to support all indpendent businesses, makers and farmers, who simply make our life healthier ,visually beautiful and happier. 

  • Bespoke delivery, full day  
    Bespoke delivery, full day
    £ 150.00
  • Bespoke delivery, 1/2 day  
    Bespoke delivery, 1/2 day
    £ 100.00
  • Fresh flowers from Scarlet&Violet  
    Fresh flowers from Scarlet&Violet
    Get a beautiful flowers worth £30 from Scarlet&Violet to be deliver... Fresh flowers from Scarlet&Violet
    £ 20.00